Essential collection & Slim rechargeable jar

The global packaging market is booming and is expected to grow by almost 3% annually up until 2028, attaining a value of $1.2 trillion. For the beauty industry, packaging has never been more important. It's not just a vessel to contain a product anymore but it reflects a brand's identity, values, and commitment to people and the planet*. Serge German, director of the Ecole Superieure de Packaging (ESEPAC), stated in an interview: "By reformulating the rule of the three Rs, we need to rethink, redesign, and reinvest. A recent French study showed that approximately 4 tons of face cream, along with their packaging, are wasted every day- an enormous amount that impacts not only the ecosystem but also the economy."

However, sustainability alone is not enough. Sustainability must be coupled with aesthetics because consumers associate the packaging quality with the quality of the product. "The choice of materials and decorations plays a special role because it provides a sensory experience to the packaging," explains Beautystreams. "Especially in beauty, packaging should not only be eye-catching but also tactile and able to engage the senses to stimulate consumers' emotions and make products stand out on the shelf. In the sector, materials and decoration technologies are constantly being developed to improve the shopping experience."

Lumson, synonymous with technology and innovation and a key player in the primary cosmetic packaging landscape, has set forth new solutions in line with the principles of sustainability: 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle': Slim Rechargeable Jar and ESSENTIAL.

The Slim Rechargeable Jar is a 50 mL refillable glass jar with a minimalistic design and a sustainable footprint. There are undeniable advantages to refills: fewer containers to dispose of means less waste and a reduced environmental impact. This concept is of interest for brand storytelling as well. By choosing a refill instead of buying a brand-new product, consumers join the brand in reducing their carbon footprint, which in turn, suggests a deeper regard for the health of the planet.

Adding an economic advantage to this further explains the 'plus' of these solutions. In the case of the Slim Rechargeable Jar, an additional step towards sustainability has been taken: not only does the refill solution embrace the concepts of Re-Think (packaging is reconceptualized with an emphasis on eco-friendly design.), Re-Gen (a 'second life' is given to the glass jar), and Re-Act (the consumer is an active part of the recycling process), but there is also a PCR glass version (25%) available with a mono-material inner cup and cover to facilitate recycling once the product is finished and to prevent visual aesthetic defects.

Instead, ESSENTIAL is the new aluminum collection consisting of 4 atmospheric bottles in 50 - 75 - 100 - 150mL sizes, which can be paired with cream pumps (in higher dosages) and sprays. Aluminum is not only the most common metal on Earth but also modern, technical, lightweight (compared to glass, for example), and infinitely recyclable while maintaining its properties (the energy required to recycle it is 5% of the amount needed to produce it). In Europe today, the recycling rate is between 60 and 65%, with Germany leading the top countries by recycling 93.5% of their aluminum. Tubex claims that a circular economy of aluminum could lead to savings for companies of around 600 billion euros**.

The use of refillable solutions, as well as recyclable and recycled materials, is a testament to Lumson's commitment to sustainability and innovation and its dedication to reducing the use of natural resources and its environmental impact.

*Source: WGSN
**Source: Beautystreams