Lumson - Packaging for skin care and make up by Lumson

Leader in primary packaging for skincare and make-up

We Are

Lumson is pioneer in introducing a new entrepreneurial model in the cosmetic packaging industry, based on the direct and internal control of all processes, applying strict quality criteria throughout each phase of design and production.

Today Lumson is a consolidated production reality, combining design, manufacturing, efficiency and custom solutions.
Our offer is comprised of packaging ideal for skin care and make up, and has been strengthened with the acquisitions of Leoplast (lipsticks, in 2017) and Belotti (compact cases, in 2019).


Lumson - Packaging for skin care and make up by Lumson

Lumson began its activity in 1975 thanks to the determination and foresight of Cav. Remo Moretti who led the company until 2018. Starting from 2018, Remo Moretti with an eye to the future and continuity of values, entrusted the role of President to his son, Matteo Moretti, but he is still part of the Lumson Board with the position of Honorary President.

The company combines technology, creativity and innovation to respond to the constantly evolving market. A perspective that focuses on fundamental values such as uncompromising quality, the enhancement of work and the freedom of creative expression.

Precursor and pioneer in dispensing and airless system, Lumson, with Headquarters based in Capergnanica (CR), (in the heart of the Italian Cosmetic Valley), boasts a complete offer of integrated cosmetic solutions. The acquisitions of Leoplast (2017) and Belotti (2019) have added further skills increasing the make-up offer more effectively.

Our Values

Brand Heritage & Market Value

The influence of the history of a brand on its products and the protection of industrial skills.

Driven by creative excellence

We encourage creativity to achieve the excellence.

Continuous Improvement

Through innovation & tradition with a particular attention to quality.

Sustainability & Creation Value

Innovation and sustainability as a factor for the creation of values.





* The number includes also temporary workers of all Group's companies