TECHNO AIRLESS GLASS, the authentic airless system

TAG is a true cornerstone in Lumson’s history, is the first airless system in a glass bottle to be launched on the market and, over 10 years later, it remains “THE ORIGINAL ONE" thanks to the technology used.  TAG is synonym of airless technology and elegance expressed to the fullest.

TAG airless range, already made up of four shapes, is enriched with two new designs: EXCELSA and SUBLIMA.

One bottle stands out for its softer, more rounded lines while the other is highlighted by the notable diameter and height.
Both designs catch the eye for the extra thick bottom and can be paired with aluminum overshelled pumps to the fullest expression of elegance.

Safe beauty: single or multilayered pouch studied to act as a barrier against external agents.
Sustainable approach: after use the consumer can easily separate the glass bottle from the plastic components and recycle each part appropriately.
Extreme elegance: through a special inner lacquering decoration technique that perfectly draws the lines of the bottles highlighting the absolute glass thickness.
6 different designs: available from 15ml to 50ml.

Discover all the TAG range and ask for samples. MOQ starting from 5k pcs.