Lumson launches the new
APP LIGHT and the JAPA line

The Italian company, a leader in primary packaging for skincare and make-up, will present a variety of innovations at MakeUp in LA: from APP LIGHT in PCR PE, the new lighter and more sustainable airless with pouch bottle, to the new rechargeable glass jars from the JAPA line.

After closing 2022 with a growth of over 20%, Lumson is ready for new challenges and to connect with industry movers and shakers at MakeUp in LA 2023 - booth C39. Among the new products that will be presented at the trade show is the 50mL APP LIGHT in PCR PE which further adds to the large family of airless with pouch solutions. 25% lighter than the equivalent standard LUMSON APP355 thanks to a reduction in the bottle’s thickness, it’s also more sustainable due to the materials it is made of (80% PCR HDPE + 20% HDPE).

Improvements are also seen in CO2 emissions.  From a SPICE analysis (an international platform that measures the sustainability of products and processes) results showed that CO2 emissions generated from the production of APP 355 LIGHT are 19% lower than the APP START (another one of Lumson’s airless in PE options).

Another “added bonus” of this solution is its safety, that is, the guaranteed integrity of the formula it contains. Thanks to a multi-layered pouch that acts as a barrier against external agents and protects the formula from any possible contamination, APP 355 LIGHT is sustainable and safe. To complete the design, the bottle can be combined with the Lumson AA355 pump in PCR PP therefore allowing for the appropriate recycling of the plastic components.

THE NEW 15mL and 50mL JAPA

At MakeUp in Los Angeles 2023, Lumson will also present two new JAPA jars in a 15mL and 50mL format that enrich the REPLACE line, the family of refillable jars that already includes Unique and Deluxe. A new solution designed for prestige skincare and make-up products. The JAPA jars have an elegant, solid, captivating form, enhanced with an aluminum lid that embodies the values of ‘Positive Design’.

When we speak about ‘Positive Design’, we’re referring to solutions that are creative and practical to use that combine the principles of a circular economy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - and represent the concepts of sustainable design: Re-Think (the packaging has an ECO-design), Re-Gen (refills offer new life to the glass jar), Re-Act (brands and consumers are an active part of the process of reducing environmental impact).

The range of REPLACE solutions, an emblem of Positive Design, is also perfect for “educating” the final consumer in regards to using products in a more virtuous and informed manner. All of these features are wrapped up in fresh, recognizable, and highly customizable graphics: even the inner cup can be customized with a brand’s colors and graphics. Solutions that represent the company’s excellence, cutting-edge vision, and attention to sustainability.

“At this edition, we’ll be presenting some new products and a variety of “musts” from our portfolio that share functionality with a sustainable twist as their common denominator. In fact, our goal is to shape the future of packaging with particular attention to the environment and our commitment from hereon out will be to the planning, design, and development of solutions that respect ethical, environmental, and economic sustainability criteria” - declared the President of Lumson, Matteo Moretti.