Another prestigious brand is added to Lumson’s already impressive line-up of excellent collaborations: Sisley Paris, the premium brand created in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano and his wife Isabelle and distributed worldwide. Behind one of the brand’s best-selling products - All Day All Year, the skincare that acts like a protective shield for the skin - there is an “Italian” touch: the packaging designed by Lumson.
For this product with a soothing, melting texture that offers the skin a breakthrough defence system against the main environmental aggressors responsible for premature ageing of the skin, Lumson has created a personalised version of TAG: a milestone in the history of the Italian company’s airless with pouch. 
The design of the bottle is a perfect blend of style, functionality, and technology, engineered in the smallest details to enhance the product, to preserve the integrity of its formula and ensure easy and precise dispensing. If the “airless pouch” technology preserves the skincare product from contamination by external agents, it’s the details that make this packaging unique. The glass bottle, a premium, valuable and sustainable material, is decorated with an inner semi-transparent lacquering, while the pump and cover are aluminum overshelled. The overcap is customized with an embossed logo on top. 
The All Day All Year bottle embodies the minimalist and refined luxury of the Sisley brand. A concept that embraces all the principles of the Made in Italy design that wisely represents the container and content as a unit. A non-stop aesthetic research without unnecessary frills, on the contrary the details are perfectly aligned and in harmony with the formula, a style feature that   enhances the premium product inside. For Lumson, elegance is not an end to itself, but it is always linked to functionality and sustainability: the possibility of separating the components (pump, pouch, bottle and overcap) at the end of their lifecycle, and routing the different materials (glass and plastic) to the appropriate recycling chain, thus ensuring the package sustainability. Here, we can really say: less is more.