The new design of Dropper

Combining aesthetics and functionality, Lumson, which already boasts an ample range of droppers for cosmetic use in its portfolio, has developed Chisel: a new push down button dropper with an exclusive design that confers a new gestuality.
Chisel, with its particular and elongated shape, combines both intuitive and functional elements for an ease of use without any product waste.

Ergonomic design:
with a slanted shape, studied to allow the finger resting on the button, for an ease pressure when product is dispensed

Mix and match:
Chisel can be combined with an ample assortment of Lumson’s glass bottles available in different shapes for a classic and elegant one-body result or an unusual and original one

Technical info:
Neck: 20/400HS
Dosage: 250µl
Material: ABS
Tiges: different types of tiges available