TAL - Techno Airless ALuminum

It was one of the most innovative products launched by Lumson in recent years and now it’s making a return in an even greener version.

We’re talking about TAL (the acronym stands for Techno Airless Aluminum), the aluminum airless packaging with a pouch launched in 2021 that marked a turning point in the cosmetics industry. For the first time, an airless solution with a pouch was made of aluminum, not only the most common metal on Earth, but also a lightweight material (when compared to other airless options of the same size), modern, technical, and infinitely recyclable while maintaining its qualities (a feature that very few materials can guarantee!). The sustainability of this solution was also guaranteed by the possibility of separating the aluminum parts from the plastic ones, thus allowing each material to be disposed of properly into the correct recycling chain. All these aspects, combined with the customization options for the bottle with various effects and decorations, have contributed to the success of this product, which now returns in an “upgraded” eco-friendly version.

Starting this year, a version of TAL made from post-consumer recycled aluminum (PCR) will also be available. Given that aluminum is already a sustainable material as it is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its tactile, aesthetic, and functional characteristics, using aluminum that is already in circulation is a step forward in circularity. This choice reduces the carbon footprint and energy consumption while maintaining the aesthetic qualities and performance of the final product.

The new TAL can be paired with two pumps with different designs: HALF MOON and CYBER. HALF MOON is a plastic pump that can be paired with two different dispensers, HALF MOON and PEARL 223, while CYBER, which is paired with the AURA CREMA 223 dispenser, is covered in aluminum and features an elegant and sophisticated design. 

Thanks to the different customizations and options available, TAL embodies the ideal solution for both masstige and luxury products. Depending on the pump chosen (plastic or aluminum-covered) and the type of decoration it’s paired with (hot stamping for a more luxurious effect or lithography that allows up to 6 colors to be combined), TAL is the perfect solution for those seeking modernity, sustainability, and safety. 

An example? For luxury products, TAL can be offered with glossy effects, while for a more 'green' effect, you could opt for the satin or brushed version. 

TAL is available in 3 sizes: 50, 75, and 100 ml.