LUMSON'S XPAPER wins at Cosmopack Awards 2022

Another important accolade for XPaper, Lumson’s paper airless dispenser, arrived at Cosmopack 2022. Already a winner of the 2021 ADI Design Index Award for Innovation and in the running for the Compasso d’Oro 2022 , Lumson’s innovative airless packaging won in the Skincare & Haircare Packaging Technology category at Cosmopack Awards 2022.
The Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards are a highly coveted recognition in the sector and are also a fundamental element of Cosmoprof network’s international events. Today, they are the only competition that involves all areas of the cosmetics industry and that acknowledges the power of packaging, technology, and formulation in the world of beauty. The exhibitors in the 2022 edition at Cosmoprof Worldwide submitted 602 products and services, and from among these, BEAUTYSTREAMS selected the proposals that were most in line with the evolution of the market. An international jury made up of industry experts, trend agencies, opinion leaders, journalists and international influencers were called upon to choose the packaging that best satisfied the criteria of innovation, sustainability, functionality, and creativity.

Lumson’s paper airless option wasn’t only judged to be one of the most innovative packaging solutions but also emerged as “the perfect combination of smart design, safety, and advanced functionality with a sustainable touch”. The possibility of separating the plastic components from the paper ones once the product inside is used up makes the packaging easily recyclable and consistent with circular economy principles: reduction, reuse, and recovery.

XPaper’s innovativeness is found, first off, in the material that the bottle is made of: paper, the most sustainable material conceptually and intuitively. With an additional bonus: thanks to new printing technologies, paper is transformed from a “poor” material into a premium one, capable of elevating the content and the container all while fully respecting the environment.

XPaper, currently patent pending, combines sustainability with safety, another key issue for cosmetic packaging. In fact, the new paper airless dispenser is part of the large Touchless family, airless packaging with pouches equipped with a hermetic sealing system patented by Lumson.

Within the competition every year since 2008, three awards are handed out to projects, products, and services that stand out for their innovation in processes, materials, technology, changes of individual and social behaviors, criticism and applied research. This year, Lumson’s XPaper won one of the three awards.
The announcement of the winners came on Friday afternoon in Bologna during the second day of Cosmopack. Onstage to accept the award was Matteo Moretti, President of Lumson and the creator of XPaper.
“I’m very proud of this award. Not only because airless packaging represents the flagship product of cosmetic packaging developed and produced by Lumson but also because XPaper’s recognition at Cosmopack Awards is a testament to the importance of sustainable innovation in the cosmetics industry – declared Matteo Moretti after the awards ceremony-. The innovation that XPaper brings is even more significant, because it places environmental awareness and eco-design in the spotlight, combining them with safety and functionality – key elements in today and tomorrow’s beauty sector. Once the product has run out, you can separate the dispenser from the bottle in paper and send it down the right recycling chain. And then there’s its safety and creativity. Like all of our airless dispensers with pouch, it protects the product from the risk of contamination with air or other outside agents and can be customized with various printing technologies, becoming a unique product that reflects a brand’s aesthetic and philosophy”.

XPAPER IS PART OF PROGETTO SPECCHIO – Fashiontech call for grants - POR FERSR 2014-2020 Region of Lombardy Project ID 1330958.