After closing 2022 with a brilliant + 25% and profit turnover approaching 140 million euros, Lumson, an Italian leader in primary packaging for the cosmetic industry, is ready to impress once again. At the most anticipated event of the year - Bologna’s Cosmopack, scheduled to take place from Thursday, March 16th to Saturday, March 18th  - the company will launch a variety of novelties.

The first is its stand: a large 300 sqm space in PAD. 15 that will see Lumson and Marino Belotti together for the first time, the latter being the company specialized in compact cases that became part of the Group in 2019. An ample area of the stand will be dedicated to dispensing systems, the flagship of Lumson’s engineering department.

 “Over the last 5 years, sales have doubled and our leadership position in the premium sector of airless systems with pouches and make-up has been strengthened thanks to our acquisition of Marino Belotti. Our strategy is increasingly more focused on sustainability, with systems aimed at protecting the environment and simplifying the recycling process once a product is finished: from airless and mono-material solutions to refillable ones. The novelties we’ll be presenting this year at the trade show will share this common denominator and have been designed to guarantee safety, appeal, and respect for the environment” declares Matteo Moretti, President of the Lumson Group.



The second novelty involves TAG. TAG is a true cornerstone in Lumson’s history: not only was it the first glass airless to be launched on the market by the Italian company but, over 10 years later, it remains “The Original” thanks to the technology that was used to make it and it represents a key source of inspiration for new products and new designs. From N19, the first and also the most classic of all Lumson’s airless packaging to Deluxe with its elegant silhouette and thick base, and finally Unique with its elegant, rounded curves.

The latest designs to become part of the TAG family will be presented at Cosmopack 2023. Two new luxury bottles, with a cylindrical shape and thick base, designed for prestige skincare products and make-up: one bottle will be characterized by softer, more rounded lines while the other will have a more notable diameter and height. Both will be able to be paired with an aluminum-covered pump to emphasize their luxurious effect.

In Bologna, Lumson will also present another innovation: Infinity. A capsule collection, currently comprised of two glass bottles available in 30mL and 50mL, ideal for skincare and make-up products, which will surely grow with new formats in the future. The “style detail” of this new line is the thick, tapered base.



Lumson is committed to shaping the future to respect the environment and to prove this, the company has chosen to expand its ample line of cosmetic droppers with a new solution- one that is made entirely of one material and maintains the same functionality, performance, and ease-of-use as ‘traditional’ droppers.

The new dropper is a solution that is 100% sustainable because the collar and pipette are made of PP while the rubber bulb is made of polyolefin*, a particular elastomer compatible with PP recycling methods. All of the components can be disposed of into the same recycling chain, resulting in packaging that is completely sustainable and perfect to pair with PCR glass bottles.

It’s a sustainable solution that has also been verified by a SPICE analysis where a comparison between the mono-material dropper and a standard dropper with a TPE bulb, collar in UREA, and glass pipette showed that CO2 emissions are reduced by 29% for the MONOMATERIAL version while the aggregate score was equal to  -39%.


*Polyolefins are a very important family of polymers in the field of plastic materials, consisting of monomers of olefins.