Transparency and responsability

If the reliability of a company in the sustainability field is measured looking at concrete actions and numbers, Lumson has demonstrated its commitment with facts. For years, the Group has been working to improve its sustainability index and increase its raiting: in 2020, with a score of 57/100, it obtained the Silver Medal and in 2021, it missed out on receiving the Gold Medal by a hair. In 2022, the Group was able to reach goals set in the last two years and with a score of 72/100, achieve the coveted Gold Medal, ranking among 3% of the best companies in the industry.
"The results obtained in 2022 are an important step in a long road of growth and continual improvement in our company. The Gold Medal is an important recognition of the commitment and effort undertaken by Lumson to integrate ESG criteria into the corporate business and make the supply chain more transparent. The certification reflects the responsible actions we've taken with respect to stakeholders and the system in which we operate", commented the president, Matteo Moretti.
The President's affirmations are further confirmed by the latest projects developed by the company, from the refillable Re Place system to XPaper, the innovative paper airless packaging, as well as the numerous initatives related to energy savings and optimization of resource management that have been carried out over recent years. The company is characterized by its green approach from the choice of eco-friendly materials to the use of renewable energy sources and from waste reduction to the responsible managmenent of manufacturing waste.